Musings of a Female Game Developer

8 Responses to Musings of a Female Game Developer

  1. Dylan says:

    Nice blog, look forward to more.


  2. Joel says:

    Excellent blog with fantastic information. I love the graphics!


  3. twobob says:

    waves and support


  4. foxycomputers says:

    Shiny, support.



    • teilasblog says:

      New user comments have to be approved by me, just to keep out spam. I suspect that is why you made two posts…or maybe it is because you are TwoBob! 🙂


  5. Farelle says:

    I’m watching you 😀 seriously though I like your blog and like to watch the progress of your game 🙂 it’s nicely insightful 😀


  6. teilasblog says:

    Hey, thanks!! I enjoy your blog as well. It is nice to hear your thought process as you work through everything and learn so many new things. It is such a wonderful journey! So nice of you to bring the rest of us along. 🙂


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