Where are the games for roleplayers

Many are successful. I am going to start posting games that I think role-players would like to try. A few are out already and some are coming soon.

Travelers Book is a game that focuses on character creation, with similarity to pen and paper games in the way they do this. The art is beautiful and they include tools to inspire your vision of your character. I know little about the game itself. Voice and chat will be available but they also adding many emotes that can be used to communicate. Sounds cool to me!

Here is the link to the website and the youtube video. I suggest taking a look at it. One thing I might steal is the in-game journal, something I have always wanted in our game. Steal is not the right word and I plan to use it as inspiration…which was of course, part of Adellion’s design.

Others have shared with me several games that have thriving role play communities, including Final Fantasy, ESO, Conan, LOTR, and probably more than I know.

Feel free to send me any games you know that fit into this category or even a short review of the role play.

Yes, we are working on the game. As I posted on our FB page, I broke my foot. Good thing is one can work at a desk with a broken foot. Bad thing is sleeping in a huge boot does not provide a comfortable night so I am tired and a little brain dead.

We are close to finishing a client job and moving on to the next. In the meantime I will get back to designing the in game world.


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2 Responses to Where are the games for roleplayers

  1. Sorry about your broken foot! Hope the in-game world design goes well 🙂


    • teilasblog says:

      Hey! Finished armor commission so back to world terrain, my favorite part. I the silver lining is that I need to stay off foot and sit at desk for a while. I will get a lot done. Artists start on elves.


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