We Have Music!

Maybe not a big deal…but to me it is. I commissioned original music from Royal Ruto Studios.

This was our first big commission and I am sure many more to come. While I have artists and programmers and me….but none of us had the skill to make music like this. I also hope to have some music from one of our Adellion pals who makes beautiful music too.

So..why is this a big deal to me? Because we are using the art studio funds now to add to our game, to pay talented people do things we cannot do. It means that our time can be spent doing the actual work on the game and not looking through piles of free music for something that sort of sounds okay.

The composer worked with me on getting the song just right and I think it perfectly represents a world of humans from different cultures, coming together for peace and war and trade.

So here it is! Remember this is a copyrighted song and cannot be used in your YouTube videos or games. I hope you will enjoy it.

My next step is to finish a new map, yes, something less rectangular and then set up a fancy lore page for all that fabulous writing we have to show off. Wiki\s are great for development but I want everyone to see the talented Adellion writers in a nice showcase as well as introduce you to the world of Aryiure.

In the meantime, click on the link below to hear a beautiful piece of music.

Teila · Voices Of Aryiure

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