Old Forums

Hi everyone!

Here to tell everyone that the old forums are gone. I tried to keep them but did not have enough time to spend trying to keep away spam and keep up with manual updates.

We have moved to a new host and are in the process of putting up a new website for the game which will include new forums.

We also have a small Discord channel with a handful of gamers. If you want a link to the discord channel or to the Facebook page, please let me know.

And if you are from the Adellion forums and are in contact with some of the former people from there, please send them here.

Those of you who are not interested in being part of the development community and prefer to wait, that is fine as well. I will be opening up Disord to roleplayers soon.

Hope everyone is well in these trying times and keep safe.


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2 Responses to Old Forums

  1. Shreddedcoconut says:

    Could I possibly get the link to the discord? Thanks 🙂


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