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Where are the games for roleplayers

Many are successful. I am going to start posting games that I think role-players would like to try. A few are out already and some are coming soon. Travelers Book is a game that focuses on character creation, with similarity … Continue reading

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Pure Roleplay….should we?

Also on FB page. So, I have been spending time talking to role players, mostly ESO role players but also others who have role played on other games, on both regular servers and role play servers. I have gotten a … Continue reading

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Old Forums

Hi everyone! Here to tell everyone that the old forums are gone. I tried to keep them but did not have enough time to spend trying to keep away spam and keep up with manual updates. We have moved to … Continue reading

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We Have Music!

Maybe not a big deal…but to me it is. I commissioned original music from Royal Ruto Studios. This was our first big commission and I am sure many more to come. While I have artists and programmers and me….but none … Continue reading

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Everquest 20 years

Who can forget their very first MMORPG experience?  For some reason, I skipped UO, probably because I had young kids and no time to play games. Possibly it is because I loved text games, and could not give up the … Continue reading

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Medieval Monday: Merchant Ships

Originally posted on Allison D. Reid:
While many crops and other goods were able to be moved by hand, or by using animal-drawn carts, boats were also an important mode of transportation in the Middle Ages. They could bear larger…

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World Building with new perspectives

I found this article by Mimi Mondal on the HindustanTimes website. Fascinating look at how fiction has perpetuated real world stereotypes even  when it makes no sense to do so. I will leave you to read the article. Very interesting. … Continue reading

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Big move and new client

  The past 6 months have been crazy. We have made a huge move from Florida to New Jersey. This means leaving our house of many years, packing it all up, driving 2 days with kids, 4 cats and a … Continue reading

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Medieval Monday: Undergarments

As we work at modeling period appropriate clothing for our characters, I found this very timely. Interesting article on the clothing we never think about in games. 🙂 via Medieval Monday: Undergarments  

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Medieval Monday: Insults

via Medieval Monday: Insults

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