A different sort of post….some amazing environmental assets!

I was browsing the Unity Asset store today and I thought I might share some of the better ones with you. Unity’s asset store is one of the benefits of using Unity as an engine. The store is mature and the developers are tested. They continuously add new assets and update the old ones. Some of their assets are as simple as a nice model, others are actually plugins to the Unity engine that add features and/or increase productivity.

Here are a few that we are using or plan to use in the future. I will post links to videos where I can.

Big Environment Pack by Philipp Schmidt:

This pack has provided us with beautiful trees and vegetation for our terrain. The video also uses some of the special shaders and special effects available in unity. Everything you see here, vegetation, props, buildings, rocks, etc., are all included in this pack. Philipp has several other packs that we plan to acquire in the future for other environments, such as the Sakoian desert and the Aethan’s islands.

Packs by Michael O:
Medieval Village and Medieval Environment

I have used a number of items from these packs, mostly building and prop models but also grasses and rocks. They do require a little more work and special effects to look their best but are usually worth the effort. Many items from these packs will be fantastic for the various towns in the Bloodlands and Sala.

Of course, what world would be complete without water?
Our testing terrain which will be used for Ashes is using an asset called Water+ by Golden Zebra Software. I don’t have any nice videos to show you right now but it looks very good as an animated river. However, we will need something more expansive and realistic for ocean water. Caeril, other coastal cities, and the Aethans will need ocean water. A future acquisition will include Suimono, a fantastic asset that creates realistic looking water with buoyancy, shoreline waves, and underwater effects.

The latest version of Suimono is currently in beta but should be finished well before we need it for our shorelines.

I have also used a variety of smaller asset packs, such as Robin Schmidt’s detail plants shown here:
These look wonderful in a forest beneath the towering trees.

Future packs that we plan to use include Unistorm, an asset that creates weather and a night day cycle. It also triggers NPC reactions to the time of day and weather. An NPC farmer will come in from the fields if it rains and a shopkeeper will head home in the evening. It is a very cool pack and I can’t wait to see it working in our game.

Of course, most of the scripting and coding will be made from scratch but Unity’s assets can help us speed up development. NGUI is a fantastic GUI creator that allows to plug in our own art assets to make interactive and amazing GUIs.

In the next post, I will describe some of the props, animals and characters we will be using in the game along with some pictures.

To close, I am adding a couple of new terrain photos for you to enjoy. 🙂




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