Update and More Concept Art


Yes, I promised more info on character creation but we had a wee problem. Some changes made to the character system in Unity have caused character creation issues, mainly the newly customized characters are being replaced by the base characters. So we have some work to do. I have a programmer on it so hopefully it won’t be too difficult to fix. It might mean redoing the character customization system but that shouldn’t be too bad although it might take a little time.

As a consolation, I have a few more concept art pictures for you.

Here is a beautiful Sakoian dancer by Aynsley.


She also made us a Taran Explorer.


And Kerensa has a Tarian Shield Maiden for us.

Tarian Shield Maiden

I think both girls did a great job of capturing the various cultures. We have several more to go though. My goal is to have a picture for each gender of each culture. 🙂

Enjoy! Feel free to let me know what you would like to see next, whether concept art or another aspect of the game.


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