Farming 101

Become a farmer, a landowner with a garden, raise horses or other livestock. Learn how to increase yield so you have more to sell at the local market.

Play a Noble and build hovels to attract NPCs to your village to work your land.  Trade food crops far and wide, increasing your wealth and influence.

Yes, we are in the process of adding farming to the game.

Players will have the ability to place claims in the world and within these claims, to clear fields, build outbuildings, and establish a home, house or even a castle.

Player fields in valley

Player fields in valley

A field’s yield and the quality of the crops harvested will depend on several factors, including the skill of the farmer, the attention given to the field during the growing seasons, the timeliness of the harvest, and of course, the weather.  Like all our skills, farming is learned by doing and you are not locked down to a skill tree. You can raise multiple farming skills to have an affect on the final outcome or you can hire others with those skills to help you.  Experimenting is a good idea as well and you might find other ways to improve your crops.

Currently, we have fields of wheat and hay, but will be adding other staple crops, such as oats, rice, sugar cane, etc.  Some crops grow better in different environments.


Besides raising crops, you can also have vegetable gardens.  These gardens can be a variety of sizes and shapes and you can even create a fancy garden for your manor hall.  The local markets are a fabulous place to sell your cabbages and onions.

Player Gardens

Player Gardens

We will also be including a few other less common ways to make money on your farm, including beekeeping.  These lovely straw beehives are one of a few types of hives available.  You can set them out and hope they attract bees or you can find a wild hive and transplant the bees to your hives. Given a bit of time, you can harvest honey from the hives to use in foods and medicines or to sell at the market.  Honey cakes are delightful and very popular!

Outbuildings on your farm can be used to store tools and as shelter for animals.  I will discuss raising livestock in a later blog along with some screenshots of our domestic animals.  In the meantime, here is a small barn, perfect for that family farm. It includes stalls that can be filled with animals.  Chicken coops and pigpens will also be available to house your small critters.

Small Barn

Small Barn

Barn includes several stalls and storage areas.

Barn includes several stalls and storage areas.

For those of you who want a little less responsibility, we will be adding some less “landed” skills that involve gathering and harvesting. You will be able to forage for greens in the wild, cut down trees and harvest wood for various projects and collect nuts, berries and fruits from bushes and trees.

Of course, seasons come into play as well, depending on the environment. Berries can be harvested in the summer and nuts in the fall.  Some herbs are only available in certain seasons.

Forage for berries in the wild or plant them on your property.

Forage for berries in the wild or plant them on your property.

Role play will be a big part of the farming community as well.  Villages will join together to raise a barn or plow a field.  Harvest and threshing of the wheat will be followed by a big feast, courtesy of the local Lord and Lady.  Market days at larger cities encourage trade and socializing.

Of course Farming is only one of the many possibilities in the game.

Feel free to comment or ask questions.


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