Thanks for the input!


Thank you!! I love the feedback.

I have received a lot of great input regarding the UI panels for the Character Creation system.  Based on those suggestions, I have made a few changes. I also do have plans to redo the text. What is in place at the moment is just a placeholder. I want a nice solid text that is easy to read and have found that Unity’s uGui, while a fabulous tool, isn’t very kind to text so plan to supplement that in the near future.

Other issues seem to be my buttons. I rather like the colorful buttons but I guess they are not popular with today’s grim gamers. 🙂   I won’t completely get rid of them but I have made a few changes where I think the buttons stood out too much.

One thing to remember, we are not making a typical hack and slash game here. Our game is about stories and role playing. It should appeal to people who are creative and open minded.  The dark grim GUI’s suit the games they are meant to represent, but simply doesn’t work for us.  While living in LoA won’t be a dreamy fairy tale, you might die, and you might struggle, but it isn’t about death. It is about life and a life that will have ups and downs.  Most of us don’t wear black clothes everyday.  We don’t walk around in a dark world.  I remember visiting Russia as a young person. On a rainy day, I looked out from my hotel window and saw hundreds of brightly colored umbrella’s on the ground below.

Most of us love color because it reminds us that even though we all will die someday and we all will sometimes have bad times, that life can be colorful, even if we make it so.

So..still want your feedback and if you don’t like color, that is fine. My use of color was intentional, not accidental.  Oddly enough, many people loved the color while some did not. Funny how that goes.

Still hoping for your feedback as so far, it has helped us to make a better GUI for our character system.  So far, I have replaced the buttons for the cultural panels to make them blend better.  I plan to try a drop shadow behind the panels.  Also, I am redoing the text to make it easier to read.

Screen Shot 01-10-16 at 04.56 PM

The next time you see the panels, they should actually working! Dennis is all done with the scripting and coding for the character system so I will show that off next time.



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2 Responses to Thanks for the input!

  1. Tathar says:

    Looks like a lot of progress has been made. Looks really good. I like the colours, seems very integrated with the cultures. Keep up the good work.


  2. teilasblog says:

    Wow, coming from you, as one of the earliest Adellion fans, this is a great compliment. Thank you so much! Hope all is well with you! I miss the old gang and hope I hear from more of them.


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