Calling all Role Players!

I really enjoy musing about role playing but I need input from you. What do you want in a video game? What types of features do role players crave?

Yes, I am a role player but it has been a while since my role play has left the table or forum and ventured into the world of video games. Star Wars Galaxies was my last big foray into video game role playing and while did try other games, my job and family took me away from all that for a while. Of course, I did role play with my The Sims games, but only with myself. Awful lonely there….although fun.

I do know that several big MMO’s have added role play servers, but I don’t know how satisfying they are for role players. I wonder if they are enforced or if the players enforce…or if everyone gave up and they are like all other servers now.

I have decided to reach out to role players in the world and see if I can get some new ideas. So far, I have gotten an earful. šŸ™‚

I will be writing some blog posts in the future about all these great comments and ideas.

Hope to hear from you, here or elsewhere.


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