Our new Twitch TV Channel


We have some exciting news. Yesterday, I gave my very first presentation on our new Twitch TV Channel, https://www.twitch.tv/watregames although sadly, I forgot to record it! Oops!  I guess we can call it a beginner’s mistake. I do plan to redo it and record it this time as I think it is something everyone would love to see.

I presented a walk through of the system we are using to create our character system. Followers were able to watch me create a character, make changes to the body and face, add hair, clothes, and change colors. I was so nervous but it really was fun. 🙂  I look forward to the next one and this time, I will record a video and embed it here.

I am hoping later tonight to showoff a build we made of a prototype city with characters walking around and engaging each other using our AI system.

We hosted Ryan, one of our programmers, as he showed viewers how to use ICE Creature Controller, which is the AI we are using in our game. Since he barely scratched the surface of this complex AI, I am sure he will have more. By request, he will show us how to make herds of animals and flocks of birds, or maybe butterflies.

Just in case you want to see a little of how it is done. 🙂 Enjoy and thanks, Ryan!


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