Si Fi detour…

We took a little side job to create a character system UI and one of our demos for the project is a Sci Fi version of the UI. The challenge was to make it from all original art and whatever was available in the UMA package. This system will be used in our game with a few extra features and our own artwork.  We plan to show off our UI at a Unity User Group meeting in the near future.

Anyway, two artists, a programmer, and me, the designer have spent a couple of weeks trying to make a simple functional UI. We want it to be simple enough for a new Unity User but to look nice enough that someone could use it in their game. The goal is something they can easily replace with their own art. With a little knowledge of working on Unity UI’s, they can even make changes to the interface.

First version is Sci Fi, which is a big detour from our original medieval world. But we have had a blast!

Here is a sneak peak at the design. I would to hear your opinion, good or bad. Like I said, we are going for simple, minimalist, but aesthetically pleasing.

Screen Shot 04-30-17 at 06.51 PM


We will be making a bit more content, including facial marks, tattoos, scars, a few original pieces of clothing, and some aliens to add to the mix.

Here are few examples of the facial and body marks. There are many more and they have been so much fun to make.

These are also a sampling of more customization features that will be in our game. We want players to be able to make the characters in their stories, whether a beautiful noble lady, a veteran of a war, covered in scars, or even a poor beggar with bad teeth. A world of only the beautiful is boring. A real story, full of conflict and challenge creates characters whose lives are branded on their body and soul.

Stay tune as we reveal more information about the Science Fiction UI and the upcoming Fantasy UI…and then finally, more information bout LoA’s UI.

A backdrop for the front page of the UI made by one of our fabulous artists is below. Wait until you see what will be in front of it soon!

sci fi doorWM

Don’t worry about LoA. While the artists and I are getting this ready, the programmers have been working on various aspects of the game and getting everything ready to move to our cloud server. Then we can invite more folks to join us in testing the world!

See you soon!















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