So fine to be Noble!

So let’s say you play Legends of Aryiure and you have a lot of money to spend. You want to upgrade from your lowly middle class townhouse. How about a palace..or as the Italians call them, palazzo!

Palaces will be the domain of the nobles and possibly very rich merchants, if they are lucky. In Caeril, these lovely homes will reside along the largest plazas, complete with fountains.  Like the other player owned properties, we will create a few models and use textures and ‘facades’ to make a variety of house styles. Some will be townhouses, others individual buildings. These are conceptual designs, not the actual models and will be used to give the artists ideas on how to create them for the game.

Next up, player shops!


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2 Responses to So fine to be Noble!

  1. Tich says:

    Looking good
    /me bookmarks the blog 😀


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