Among the Ashes


Real life does seem to get in the way, doesn’t it?  Well, we have been working as much as possible in between all the drama life brings and we have some exciting new changes.

If you are following our forums, you know that we will be building a mini-game based on the Legends of Ariyure world and lore.  The mini-game will allow us to test our features, systems, terrains, skills, animations, etc. within a smaller context.  To further aid us in this endeavor, we will be releasing stages of the mini-game to our fans through the forums.

Phase 1 is now in production and will feature a ruined village.  Players will gather in groups of six in smaller instances to rebuild the village and survive.  A handful of essential skills will be tested as well as other features of the game. The server will be persistent so players can come and go once the server is active.  The village will be located on the plains of the Bloodlands with plenty of opportunity to explore, hunt, fight bad guys, meet new and interesting NPCs, and of course role play.

As we add new features/skills, we will also add new NPCs who will help to introduce new lore and skill items to the game.  More things will be added to the terrain and new missions/quests will open up new areas. The six player limit will gradually be eliminated as we test load.  We do not anticipate any issues with adding more players but we feel the early versions of the mini-game will be less challenging with more players.

The eventual goal is to introduce players to Caeril, the great city in the Bloodlands. Everything we test in the mini-games will help us to create Caeril.  Doing it this way will allow us to have community imput as we build, be much more fun for the testers, and also allow us to gauge interest in various aspects of the game.

As a small treat, I will give you a picture of a few new art items created by Himela, one of our artists and a former member of the Adellion fanbase.  Some of these items will be featured in Among the Ashes (a working title that may change), the first phase of the mini-game.

Fishing Skill Items

Fishing Skill Items

Thanks and please feel free to comment here or on the forums.  We welcome your suggestions.  My next blog will be about the timeline and where within that timeline we should set our game.  Pirates could return to Legends of Aryiure if you let me know you want them back!


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