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Bittersweet memories…

Tonight I received a request to send a mass e-mail out on our LoA forums. The request was from a young man who has become one of my dearest friends, even though we live on opposite sides of the world. … Continue reading

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Thanks for the feedback!

I heard from a number of people about the swamp video. Everyone liked it and a few had some great suggestions as well. The number one suggestion from almost everyone I talked to was that the grass was too long.  … Continue reading

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Ye Olde Mill

Hi everyone, I finished something new, an old mill that sits along the river. I went in and decorated the terrain a bit around it and thought I would share a picture and a video. The mill and wheel were … Continue reading

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Herds and Flocks

Sorry about the delay in updates but I have been working on something and wanted to share it with you. However, we had delays due to issues that needed to be solved. Anyway, I am ready now. We have added … Continue reading

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Farming Village and a peek at Character Creation.

I know I promised house building stages but I was distracted by fields this week so spent quite some time trying to figure out how to allow players to buy and place fields and grow crops that actually react to … Continue reading

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Little House on the Bloodlands…..

Hi everyone, Another short update for you.  I have been working seriously on the housing for the game. We will begin with a small village on the rolling hills and meadows of the Bloodlands.  I made a few houses but … Continue reading

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Foraging and Inventory

Hi everyone, I have a small update to the foraging.  Ryan has made a little video showing the beginnings of the foraging skill. Unskilled players will see only the random forage on their first try. This means they collect whatever … Continue reading

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