Earthquake in Nepal

My heart goes out to the people of Nepal and surrounding countries who were hit by a devastating earthquake today.

However, the team at Legends of Aryiure has also been affected. One of our team members, also a former Adellion team member, is in Nepal at the moment studying.  I have no idea if he is okay or not but please send out healing thoughts to Archaaz, a valued member of our team and a friend. If you pray, pray for him. If not, think of him and the others who are struggling in this difficult situation.

And Archaaz, if you read this, let us all know if you are okay. I am sure that with your skills, you will be busy helping the people of the area. I hope you are safe!

I am sure that it will be a while before very much information comes out of the area but we will all keep Archaaz and the people of Nepal in our thoughts.


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1 Response to Earthquake in Nepal

  1. ozmono says:

    Thoughts are with you Archaaz, hope you are okay.

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