Environmental Pictures

Unfortunately, the video I promised will be delayed. We had car issues this week, basically a break down and all the time it takes to sort everything out.  We will be unable to work on it this weekend, which is why I wanted to get it out before..but best laid plans, you know. 🙂  I will try to have something out by the end of next week, if life doesn’t throw another wrench into the plan.

However, I have some more pretty pictures for you as a consolation prize.

ScreenShot1724 ScreenShot1731 ScreenShot1742 ScreenShot1743 ScreenShot1744 ScreenShot1747 ScreenShot1751

And my favorite..my barn:


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2 Responses to Environmental Pictures

  1. teilasblog says:

    Thanks, Gryvix! 🙂


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