Finally, the video!

I had a nice long blog post written last night, or almost written while my video was happily uploading to YouTube. Suddenly, the dreaded Blue Screen of Death appeared, the third time that night.  So, rather than spending time here, I ended up copying over files to our backup server, just in case it was a failing disk. Fortunately, all project and work related files are already backed up but I needed to make sure my personal files and pictures were safe.

Remember, this video is of a game in development so some items may be replaced or expanded for the final version.  The quality in-game is beautiful, but videos go through several stages of compression and I do notice that in low light especially, they can get pixelated.  I am going to see if I can find some better recording and editing software that might help give you a better representation of what you will see in game. The screenshots are much clearer and they are not doctored, so they are what the game looks like. I might upload a build in the near future so you can actually see the quality of the game.

Anyway, I present you with A Walk Through the Swamp.  The video starts at a small Drulon settlement, like so many others in the Drulon Lands. This particular “island” is the largest on the current terrain and has a higher elevation in the middle. Numerous other islands dot the landscape and make perfect places for settlements. Drulons travel between areas using boats of course.  Fish is a very important part of a Drulon’s life and that, along with subsistence farming and hunting some of the local wildlife make up their diet.

You see evidence of this in the village.  Fish and nets hang to dry on poles and inside one of the storage sheds, you see several types of nets. Barrels hold pickled fish and other meat. Houses are simple and on stilts to protect from high waters. Most cooking and other work is done outside.  The elevated platform serves as a place to protect stored items as well as a dry working area.

As we travel around the island, we see some of the local flora and fauna. Trees that border the swamps include the bald cypress, with their knees for stabilization, in the lower ares, firs and poplars higher up the slope and white oaks in the more stable, less wet locations.  Grasses and herbs cover the land.  Among these are important herbs and roots used in medicines and for food.

Fauna includes crocodiles, sunning themselves on the banks, wild boars who enjoy rooting in the long grass, and several species of birds. Look carefully and you will see song birds, a great owl and eagles flying overhead.

While making this video, I had some interesting experiences. I lost the boars, temporarily, and had to run through the long grass, causing me to realize how badly we need paths. I will put those in asap. 🙂  The boars were almost completely hidden by the long grass, making hunting them rather exciting.

I then discovered two spooning sweet. At one point, an owl swooped down over the water looking for fish, I imagine. Another alligator surprised me by coming out of the brush right at me as I ran. Yikes! I saw eagles flying in front of the sun as it was approaching the horizon.

I had forgotten my torch so when I realized the sun was going down, I had to again cut through the long grass. I knew from exploring in the past that traveling in the swamp at night without a light is scary and you end up either in the swamp, or lost…or worse!  I felt a true sense of relief when I rounded a copse of trees and found the fire burning back at the settlement. Ahhh, home and without any major incidences.

The music and the ambiance, especially the golden light from the setting sun were beautiful and peaceful. I thoroughly enjoyed my romp through the swamp. 🙂

During the next month or so, I will be adding some new things to this area. I will record all of it here so you can share the process. Paths will be laid and a hill fort built on top of the hill, with grass berm sides just like ancient forts should be.  A Drulon flag will wave above the fort. More animals will be added and hopefully I can find a fix to some of the lighting issues that still exist.

Anyway, keep watching please and feel free to comment. The video link is below.  Enjoy!

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6 Responses to Finally, the video!

  1. archaaz says:

    Great video. You have really captured the feel of the Drulons and their swamp, and the music fits perfectly.


    • teilasblog says:

      Thanks, Archaaz! For those of us who lived with these cultures for so many years, that is a great compliment. I feel pretty good about the “feeling” this environment gave to me. I felt the Drulons were here.

      Hope I can do the same for the Sakoian desert!



      • archaaz says:

        I am certain that you can, and look forward to the results. I loved the alligators, and the little touches, like the circling hawks. It really comes alive.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. teilasblog says:

    Thanks! They were so much fun. We will definitely have crocodiles and hippos in the Sakoian rivers as well. 🙂


  3. Liz says:

    I know it’s late to reply but… well done! Nalor would be proud. 🙂


  4. teilasblog says:


    Coming from you, that is the best compliment ever! Thank you so much. I have done a bit of work on it already, making the grass shorter, adding some low lying fog and better water. I will post another video when I have it done.

    I am so glad you stopped by! As I was making it, I thought a lot about you and Nalor. 🙂



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