Thanks for the feedback!

I heard from a number of people about the swamp video. Everyone liked it and a few had some great suggestions as well.

The number one suggestion from almost everyone I talked to was that the grass was too long.  I have shortened the grass and plan to redo it a bit early this week.  It was too tall for me as well!

A few people suggested Bandicam for my videos rather than the one I was using and that is a great idea. I will try the trial version on my next video and if it looks better, I will purchase the software.

I also received a few heart felt messages from people who had followed Adellion for many years. One said the thought of Adellion made him sad and I understand this feeling completely. It makes me sad too, the thought that such a fantastic team and so much work came to nothing is sad.  I think that is why the Drulon video touches me so much, and probably those people as well. It is a part of the world that we talked about, read about, and thought about for so long…and to see it come to life was magical.  I know I felt a knot in my throat as I watched the final copy.  It was far from perfect but it “felt” Drulon….I know some of you get that.

In fact, I will probably do the Dalmites last, only because it will be so emotional for me. The Dalmite culture was mine and where Teila originated so it will be hard for me to do it justice…but I will try.

Those of you new to this “world” might not completely understand an emotional connection to a game that didn’t even come out, but we spent 10 years in development, formed friendships, even a couple of marriages, and there are times I miss all that so much. Even now it is not the same.  But I was so happy this week to hear from Johan, who was the lore lead for the Aethan culture. Pirates and sea merchants reigned supreme on Yen Taell, the island home of the Aethans.  I will be adding the island to my list of terrains to make in the future. I remember this was a very popular culture.

I am looking forward to the day when Legends of Aryiure makes people feel happy and hopeful rather than sad.  As I have said before, this is a project of my heart and having all of you follow my progress and share your thoughts with me motivates me so much.

Thanks and people feel free to comment and share the blog with friends.

I have no pictures today, sadly. My hard drive died early this afternoon and the rest of the day was spent installing a new disk.  Fortunately, everything was backed up on our NAS and on our Crashplan Cloud so no losses, thank goodness, other than time. 🙂


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