Tonan’s Programming Log #1

Hello everyone, this is Tonan Bora. Otherwise known as “Ryan”.
I am one of Teila’s programmers, and have been working hard on the inventory and skill system for Legends Of Aryiure.  Below is a video log depicting the work in progress. Keep in mind that this is a developer’s video, and nothing shown is in its final state. The main goal of this video is to show everyone that progress is being made.

What I wanted to show off here is the simplistic inventory system, skill system, and crafting system I currently have in place.

In the released game, you will not be able to see your skill levels, nor the experience bar of the skills.  The only reason I created a skill window the way I did, was for debugging purposes and for tracking skills while in game.  The crafting system is going to be much more complex that what is depicted.  In order for me to make that fantastically delicious Apple Pie in the video, I would first need to create a crust, then create the apple filling.  Only then would I be able to combine the filling and crust to create an uncooked Apple Pie, which I would then be able to place in an oven to bake. Only then will you be able to eat the pie and keep your stomach from rumbling.

I have done a number of other things besides inventory and skills.  I have also implemented mass combat between teams of NPCs, helped Teila create her last swamp video by setting up the wild life that you see during her walk as well as make or modify a few smaller scripts for her use.

My next step is to further refine the crafting system to make it more akin to what we want.  When I get a suitable amount done, I shall post another video showing it off!
Now, I am off to enjoy my pie! 🙂

~Tonan Bora

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2 Responses to Tonan’s Programming Log #1

  1. teilasblog says:

    Thanks, Ryan, for the informative blog post. I hope you will do many more in the future.

    Just to reiterate what Ryan said, the inventory window and skill windows are development art. We have art for the GUI and that will be added later. It is much easier to test when you can build on the fly. 🙂

    Hope you all enjoyed the post!



  2. gryvix says:



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