Laboring on the new website…

Hi everyone,

We are replacing our website with one that will be easier for us to update. The easier it is, the more we will be posting. I love WordPress and it is becoming very popular as a website and our hosting service makes it pretty easy to install one.  Of course, the hard work is setting it up.

So far, if you go to the URL you will see a pretty maintenance page:

Hopefully, it will be a place we can show of galleries of screenshots and artwork, plus keep you updated on the game as a whole. I will keep this as my own blog since I am rather attached to it.  Ryan will have his own blog on the website so you can watch his progress.

I hoping to get the community involved so that we can make the game you really want to play, one that will enhance your role play.

I have no new pictures for you but hopefully a new video soon. I have made some improvements to the swamp and I think you will like it.  I will try for sometime next week. 🙂

Website will go live on August 1st, barring any major issues.


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