Brief update…

Still working on the website and it should be up by August 1st as well as an updated forum.

The new improved character system is almost done and combat is coming along nicely.  Currently, Ryan is killing lots of rats. 🙂  He is tying it all into the skill system so it actually means something.

I have a few bits of artwork for you.  First of all, we are bringing the Aethans back. Merchants and pirates, the adventurous Aethans rule the sea.  One of our concept artists has made a picture for us.

This is Alana, a female pirate captain. Her most recent conquest was a Sakoian ship carrying fine silks to Salandorf. Alana couldn’t resist snatching a few for her own personal wardrobe. What girl wouldn’t? 🙂 I am sure we will see Alana round the docks of Caeril attempting to sell her black market goods.

Prirate lady 1merged

Here are a few more swamp pictures. I have added some moody fog and improved the water.

Swamp_Hill Swamp_trees Swamp_boats Swamp_OverviewfromHill Swamp_Overview

Enjoy and see you soon!


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2 Responses to Brief update…

  1. Vaevienne says:

    Everything looks awesome, Teila! The pictures are GORGEOUS!!!


  2. teilasblog says:

    Thanks, Vaevienne! The website is up. I guess I need to post there here. 🙂


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