Special Guest today!

Before I introduce our special guest, I will give a brief update.

I spent several days on the lore and also updated the website to look a bit more professional and modern. While I have finished all the  place names and the deity names, I have not yet updated the lore on the website.  I will be doing this during the next few days. So far, it looks good. The new names better reflect the cultural/ethnic identity of the various nations. Archaaz helped me a great deal with this and I appreciate the help. Hopefully you will all be pleased.


Other news includes a new programmer, in addition to Dennis and Ryan. He will be working on the GUI’s for the time being. Welcome aboard!

Ryan has agreed to show us a bit of the AI he is working on for animals and enemies. His focus has been mostly on our combat system lately and AI is an important part of that feature.

Teila: Ryan, what do you have to show us today?

Ryan: I have a couple of great videos and hope you enjoy them.  The first one I call “The Battle of Fort Prototype”.  I am testing how well our AI system handles groups of NPCs interacting with each other and am using this as a stress test. I wanted to test a new type of spawner called the “horde” spawner, which creates a group of NPCs and sends them off to attack a target once the spawner reaches it’s capacity.

If the spawner’s NPCs are reduced to half or more of their original numbers, the spawner will start spawning new creatures. Once it is full again, those newly spawned NPCs will attack again, either the same target or another target if one exists.

Teila: Looks good, Ryan! I love the little proto-type fort. So the red castle guards are trying to keep the yellow enemies from getting into the fort, I see. Looks like a slaughter!

Ryan: Yeah, those red guys are quit fierce.  The second video was a test of the NPC’s ability to change attack types based on the distance between the NPC and his target.

Teila: A dragon! Interesting choice as their are no dragons on Aryiure, at least not outside of dreams and myths. 🙂

Ryan: Yeah, but it makes for an exciting video!

Teila: Sure does. Thanks, Ryan. Now…get back to work. I would hate to have to get out my club.   Just kidding of course. 😉

So..thanks to Ryan we have something other than my rambling to read. Enjoy and will post more later.


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