Bittersweet memories…

Tonight I received a request to send a mass e-mail out on our LoA forums. The request was from a young man who has become one of my dearest friends, even though we live on opposite sides of the world.  He reminded me of the 10+ years we spent as part of the Adellion community, the friends we made there, the adventures we had, and the bond that existed in that forum.

Here is what he asked me to send:

A reunion of sorts

Hi, it’s Dylan or perhaps I may be remembered as Ozmono, a white wolf or I may be forgotten altogether which brings me to my point. I, aswell as many of you to whom this message is addressed, spent over ten years being part of something. We made friends, shared stories, debated and we followed a dream together. This message isn’t about keeping that dream alive, I’m not here to promise anything, nor am I asking you to carry the torch, just to encourage you to drop by the forums for the sake of memories and curiosity of what happened to the people in those memories.

It’s no secret that the Adellion forums dwindled slowly down to nothing and despite a little resurrection of a once vibrant community the LoA forums after that. That said many of us spent hours at a time on those forums over the course of years. People formed relationships, even the physical kind came of it if I am not mistaken. So don’t let those memories die, hours over years add up and although it may have been over something as trivial as entertainment, it was time spent with real people.

 So if for nothing else, drop by out of interest for what happened to those people, what they are doing now and while at it let the rest of us know how you are.


So, if you were a member of the Adellion forums all those years ago and would like to say hi, please stop by.  We would love to see you…and not because of LoA but because of the amazing friendships we all made in our little virtual corner of the world.


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2 Responses to Bittersweet memories…

  1. ozmono says:

    Thanks for posting this and the mass email. Here is to hoping that we see some familiar names pop up here and there.


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