I have wanted to create a blog for quite some time now but never really found the time to create one.  Lately though, I have felt as if I needed a place to just put down my thoughts and share it with those who are interested.

For the past ten years I have worked as writer for an indie video gaming company creating the lore for the game Adellion. This wasn’t a full time job and it wasn’t even a paying job, more like a hobby with a chance of payment at the end. I didn’t do it for the money and in fact, when offered a paying job on another game by another company, I discovered that I couldn’t get Adellion out of my head.  I fell in love with the lore, originally conceived by a man named James and his buddies. Later I became the Lead Writer and I was fortunate to work with some amazing writers.  The lore for Adellion went through a number of changes and barely resembles James’ initial concepts.  It covers multiple pages and many chapters. It contains descriptions of unique cultures, incredible stories, and places that become believable under the pen, or the keyboard in this case, of the writers. Unfortunately, the lore has never yet seen publication other than a book by one of the writers, Johan Pihl, about the pirates of the Paleyans.

As far as I know, Adellion will someday be made. The lore is done and at least until the game mechanics are done, there is little for me to do anymore.  For the past year, I have felt an increasingly larger hole growing in the space where Adellion used to be. Until now….

I have been lucky enough to find a couple of hardy souls that wish to create a new game, something different.  I took the idea to several people, about a game that uses the Adellion lore but is not quite as complex…..more player driven, less mechanics, and less like every other game out there. While Adellion has innovations, its still a game that focuses heavily on achievement through gaining experience and spending countless hours grinding, even if those hours are limited to two hours a day.  Don’t get me wrong, I still love the concept of Adellion. It will always be my dream game, just as it was when I first set eyes on Adellion’s website, and heard about James and Paul and the others.

So now I have a game to design. I will share the names of the other team members when I get their permission to do so because they are a huge part of this.  The game concept is not completely original since I do use some features from Adellion…how could I not? It is my dream game!  But I want a smaller game, one with fewer players, one that will allow more interaction between staff and players.  This is impossible in a game with 10,000 players and in-game interaction is limited when the world is over 300 square miles in size…without cars or airplanes or instant teleportation.  I want a game that builds in social networks without being just a chat game and allows players to change the world, not only in their small corner, but throughout the land.

So…here comes The Legends of Aryiure….well, that is the current name but it seems well liked so far.  The game will center around the city of Caeril and its environs about 100 years before the current Adellion time (at the start of the game).  It is a time when the world is still recovering from a 200 year war. The various nations of Aryiure are beginning to come out of their own dark ages.  Caeril, established as part of the Treaty of Erana, signed at the end of this long war, is prospering. People of all cultures have come here to live and with them they bring their own stories, songs, legends and their own problems as well as prejudices.

As a player, you will be able to live and breathe as a character in Caeril or one of the surrounding villages.  You will be a thriving member of society, contributing to the economy of the city or town, whether you choose to be a craftsman or woman, a mercenary fighter, a merchant, a politician or a myriad of other professions.  While Legends of Aryiure will not have as many skills as Adellion, it will have enough to please most players along with realistic medieval guilds and other organizations.  Of course, role playing is the reason for this game and it will be expected that all players stay in-character during game play except in private, just like Adellion.  The game will give players plenty of opportunities to create and implement their own stories in an immersive beautiful environment.

Anyway, all this is in the future and while I am dying to start a community for future fans, I have learned a lesson from Adellion and won’t put anything up until we have a nice start on the game for you. So you can follow me here and I will give news as it comes in. But we won’t put up forums yet and please don’t use the Adellion forums for this. If you would like to comment, please be responsible and mature.

Thanks for listening!


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  1. Gryvix says:


    Try akismet for spam filtering(well it works with wordpress.org dunno about .com), it works great: http://akismet.com/


  2. teilasblog says:

    Thanks, Gryvix. I believe wordpress uses akismet already. It has caught a couple of spam comments so guess it is working!


  3. Syrus says:

    Looking forward to more posts, Teila! 😀


  4. teilasblog says:

    You got it, Syrus! lol


  5. Airik says:

    Great reading. Good to see that something’s happening. I’ll drop by every now and then.


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