The joy of seeing your creations…

Edit: These screenshots are from an older version of the game. Please see the more recent pictures in later posts.


Today I sent a picture to one of our artists, a young man who is rather new to art and whose real life job is in the medical field. He picked up a 3d art program and found out he enjoyed making models and is making some things for Legends of Aryiure. Anyway, I sent him a screenshot of a bridge he made that I placed in the training area. It looked wonderful and I know it made him feel wonderful to see something he created, with his own hands, immersed in a lovely environment. What a great feeling! And it made me feel good to know that my screenshot made him feel good!

I come from a science background and never in a million years did I think I would be creating stories and lovely 3d environments.  Now, at 10 years old, I did write notebooks full of fictional stories so not so surprising that I would continue with my writing but that it would actually help to create a new world? No way..never would have believed it. 🙂 Of course computers back then were a black screen full of text.  We have come a long ways!

Here are some more pictures of the world Ryan and I are creating along with help from Dylan, Brad and Richard. Dennis comes along and cleans up our coding messes too. 🙂

Enjoy and don’t forget to comment! I am sure the ‘boys’ would love to hear comments about their work.

Brad's Bridge

A bridge made by Brad

A field of wheat made by Teila

River and a mill

A small village, designed by Ryan, grass recolored by Dylan, art by Arteria

And an artistic picture..I love these flowers!

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2 Responses to The joy of seeing your creations…

  1. Syrus says:

    Oh, /very/ nice! Definitely work to be proud of.


  2. teilasblog says:

    Thank you, Syrus!


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