A blooper and mini-games!

Hi everyone,

I spent this evening looking through old Adellion art assets for some characters so I could actually place them in the world. I didn’t find very much but I did accidentally create a blooper….

A wooden giant?

A wooden giant?

I especially like the giant gun…its being held by a lovely medieval noblewoman..we can’t figure out how to unmount that silly thing! I think I will just delete it since I doubt we will need it again. Besides, when I switch to play mode to take pictures, I often hit the mouse button and shoot something! The noise scares me so much I almost leap out of chair! Don’t worry, we will replace the gun with a nice melee system. 🙂

Our next goal now that we have designed levels and we can log into the server and select a character is to create skills.  We have decided to make a series of mini-games, each one showcasing a set of skills.  We are thinking of a farming game, a tavern game (brewing and cooking), possibly hunting/healing, and a few others. The way our skills are organized, once we get a few done and working, the others should be much easier. By using mini-games, we can better focus on what is needed for each skill.

We still have a long ways to go but we are seeing progress. Dylan is creating a website and Teun and Brad are busy with music and art.  As for our characters, we have purchased a membership to a website that has promised us several models, including some that will make great Sakoian merchants!

If you have any great ideas for mini-games, feel free to to suggest them in the comments.  We want this to be fun for you as well as for us!


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3 Responses to A blooper and mini-games!

  1. Syrus says:

    Aww. No gun? =(


  2. Noldor says:

    How about Fishing? And it could have output that ties in with cooking! -)

    Everyone loves fishing for some reason. Players could skill up. You could have both fresh and salt water fishing.


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