Unity 5 Released!

Hi everyone!

Wish I had some cool stuff to show you but I have been busy getting ready for Unity 5!

Here is the show real from yesterday’s GDC announcement. I thought you would like to see what Unity 5 is capable of doing.

What does all of this mean for us? Well, first of all, I am converting our game over to Unity 5. This is a big job because so much changed with this new version. We have new physics, new PBR shaders and real-time lighting, a 64 bit editor, SpeedTrees and much better optimization.  I can’t wait to get it set up to show you some new pictures.

In the meantime, here are a few simple screenshots. One is of a church of Adel that I made in Maya. This simple country church is of brick and has four stained glass windows, custom made for us by one of our artists. Notice the flame, a common symbol of Adel, the god of Light.  All of Adel’s church have a common architecture, with a round sanctuary where a flame will always burn to the rectangular entrance way and the gold painted roofed dome. Churches in bigger towns will be fancier than this one with more elaborate stone and arches.  This one has two buttresses on each side of the circular area.


I have also added a dock to the area near the mill. This will be expanded a bit but thought I would share what I have now.


Now, in a few days I will test these with the new PBR shaders and we will see the difference. It is a lot of work since every texture map will need to be replaced and since many of mine were made by me, I will have to build the various maps needed by the shaders.

So, just a little update but just so you know we are working hard to convert our game to the new Unity version. I think you will be please. 🙂 Be patient with us though because while the conversion is pretty smooth, there some things that we will need to fix or change.



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2 Responses to Unity 5 Released!

  1. ozmono says:

    Really like the church and the stained glass window in particular. Look forward to seeing it in unity 5.


    • teilasblog says:

      Thank you! My artist did a fantastic job on the window. She made another one too and I will take more pictures once we get Unity 5 set up. I can’t wait to see the glass with PBR shading.


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