Future Updates

Hello everyone,

I am going to be making more frequent updates, no matter how small. So for those of you on the LoA list, you will not be getting an email every time I update. I will send out an announcement once a month for regular updates. If you want to be informed every time I update, I suggest you subscribe to this blog. 🙂

Today I have a few more screenshots with grass added to the terrain.

ScreenShot1934 ScreenShot1933 ScreenShot1931 ScreenShot1930 ScreenShot1929

Grass is animated to wave in the wind and looks quite nice during game play. Since the village’s location is in a meadow environment, I have concentrated on grasses and meadow plants in this area plus the forest areas.  Trees still need to be replaced with more variety.

I am in the middle of a swamp area that will contain different plants and trees. I think you will like this, especially if you enjoy the Drulon culture.

I will update with some pictures when the swamp area is done.

Hope you enjoyed this little update!


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