Drulon Swamp

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Drulon Swamp, a place of great mystery, and great dangers. Hope you like it. It is not finished yet but wanted to show you some pictures.  Still needs more vegetation, better lighting and some alligators in that swamp. 🙂


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6 Responses to Drulon Swamp

  1. ozmono says:

    Well you promised to post more often and that’s good but this is more of a tease than usual considering those lands are further off in the future than what’s planned originally or even Caeril. 🙂 Looks great though.


  2. teilasblog says:

    Maybe not so far off in the future. In order to facilitate role play play and give players a taste of their chosen culture, we are going to offer these areas as a place for new players to train, learn a few starting skills, talk to NPCs and learn about their culture. Each starting area will have a cultural village and some land around it for exploring.

    I have a lot of great tools for building terrain, placing vegetation and for building modular housing. So I can do these pretty quickly. I also love making terrains. Not sure which one I will do next. 🙂

    Any suggestions?



  3. ozmono says:

    Well my heart belongs to Sala but that’s not too different geographically to the bloodlands right? I’m thinking rugged mountains and hills, a desert or a thick forest might be interesting. Would they fit with any cultures? 😉


  4. teilasblog says:

    Yep, all of those will be done. 🙂 Sala would be similar to the Bloodlands but northern Sala has some low eroded mountains. The south would be flatter, with lots of agriculture, small villages, etc. Thick forest will be challenging, due to performance issues with Speedtrees. I image they will eventually work those out so I will save that for later. 🙂 I might do the desert next. Personally, I love the desert.



  5. locksleyu says:

    Looking great! From far away I almost thought these were photographs (:


  6. teilasblog says:

    Wow, great compliment! Thank you. I really appreciate the comment. They look like where I live which is rather funny and disconcerting at the same time. 🙂


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