Your Banner Ideas!

After posting our artist’s banner, we decided it might be fun to ask people to post their own ideas for banners or even their own artwork.

This is for fun and we won’t use your work without permission so go for it, and post something lovely, meaningful or just silly and quirky.  Don’t worry about the art, just go for it.

Post your ideas/artwork in the comments below.

To start it off, my idea….A banner showing a close up of different noses created by our character creation process. And above that would be this: Which nose do you want?

I thought about Which nose will you pick….but my son vetoed that one! 🙂

Have fun!


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4 Responses to Your Banner Ideas!

  1. ozmono says:

    I did this one and I must confess I like it but the dimensions are a bit out.


  2. gryvix says:

    Ryan is no fun! :p


  3. teilasblog says:

    Oh, it seems the banners are not showing in the comments. Ozmono, include a link to Photobucket or something instead.

    Gryvix, yeah, I know, right? 🙂


  4. ozmono says:

    Well I did say the dimensions were out 😉 It’s there you just have to zoom in a few thousand percent.
    Seriously though you’ll find it here


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