Whose shoes will you wear?

I am going to try to get something more than pretty screenshots up for July 1st. Forgive me if I am a few days late but I will certainly try. ūüôā

On August 1st, we will be replacing our old outdated website with a new website.

In honor of the new website, we are currently making a series of banners which illustrate an important theme of our game, making your own choices in the game, whether that be the type of character you choose, the skills you pick, the way you customize your characters face and clothing, and various other ways to create your own experiences.

Unlike other games, where you kill the same monster as everyone else or solve the great quest just like everyone else, in LoA, you will make your own stories, through role play and game mechanics. ¬†Each player’s experiences will be different, sometimes vastly different.

Here is our first banner, created by one of our artists:The website URL has still not been added and it needs a little more polish, but I wanted to share. Watch for a series of similar banners.  I think they really illustrate what we are trying to accomplish.


Enjoy and let us know what you think through the comments! ¬†And consider…whose shoes will walk in when you play LoA?


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