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I am gathering the pieces to show you our player housing system and it is taking longer than usual, of course. I am also testing a new terrain tool that is awesome so that is taking some of my time.

When you put both of those together, you realize that some new interesting ideas come out of the merger and just tonight, we had a fresh idea to try regarding player’s land in-game.

Players will have the chance to purchase land and build houses or fields or even pasture land on their own land.  First, the player will find an area to built their little homestead and they can claim this land by placing a house or a field or two, or three.  In most places, land will cost in-game currency and that cost will be determined by the size of the plot or the location of the plot. Prime locations near cities will cost more than a tiny plot in the wilderness, where the only cost might be the time to clear the land.  There will be restrictions on how many plots a player may buy in order to make sure everyone has their own little piece of the world. Players may also rent land or houses to other players in exchange for in-game currency.

In cities, things will work a little differently. Within the walls, the houses will be pre-built in order to keep the city’s architecture uniform and within the guidelines of the culture for visual appeal. Players can buy house to use as their city living quarters or they can rent out city housing they own to other players. Caeril will have several districts, some unique to the various cultures, others for official buildings, and some areas for shops. Be careful when walking through the dark alleys in the slummiest parts of town. Other towns and cities will also have unique areas behind their walls.

Our goal at the moment is to finish the system that will allow players to select and build their houses.  Each house will require a certain amount of resources, collected or purchased in-game.  A player character must have the skills needed to build at least the most basic shelter and more advanced skills for better houses, shops, or municipal buildings.  A player whose character does not have the skills needed can hire another player to build the house for them.  Houses will take time to build and won’t happen overnight.  Each part of the house is built and then the finished materials are put together for the final house. This encourages cooperation and it may be common to see friends joining together to raise a barn or build house for their neighbor.

We are also working on a system to allow you to add on to your house, even if it is finished. Your family grows out of your little hovel?  You can add a loft for the little ones. Business is going well and you want to show your new status? Add on a room or two.

If farming is your style, you can own one or several fields. Each field can grow a variety of crops but make sure you rotate your grains with a season of hay to revitalize the soil.  You will see the crops grow and you can harvest your grain to sell or use it to bake bread. Your hay will feed your cattle through the winter season or can be used for bedding in the hen house.

We want you to have your little bit of Aryiure, a place you can gather with friends, rest your character while offline and even plot storylines in the your own private in-game corner.

Now for some pictures. Below is a sample of a Drulon House, the same houses you saw in the swamp video. I have modified the roof a little and added a loft inside.  I will save the interior shots for another post but here is the exterior.


Below is are two fields, one for wheat and the other for hay. A field can change crops each spring during the planting season based on the player’s preferences and the condition of the soil. Farmers need to tend their garden well to get the maximum yield.  These fields are in a fertile valley of the Bloodlands. Some areas will be more suited to different crops.

Screen Shot 08-18-15 at 12.58 PM

The fence is your traditional woven fence and you can make the fence by gathering wood and using your woodcrafting skills.  Remember, everything in LoA can be built by your character.

Screen Shot 08-16-15 at 10.59 AM

Below is the beautiful meadow valley of the Bloodlands, a perfect place for your little homestead.

Screen Shot 08-15-15 at 06.39 PM 001

I had hope to show you the house placement system tonight but decided to wait until we could get it working to place fields as well.

Other news includes our new attribute/vital system which is currently being tested. I think you are going to like it.

I should have some videos of hunting animals, or being hunted, soon. Maybe I will make a new video where the crocodiles actually are scary! 🙂







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2 Responses to Player Housing

  1. ozmono says:

    Looking better all the time Teila. Keep up the good work


  2. teilasblog says:

    Thanks, Ozmono!! We are working hard. 🙂 I need to use my club on the programmers on occasion though!



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