Big move and new client



The past 6 months have been crazy. We have made a huge move from Florida to New Jersey. This means leaving our house of many years, packing it all up, driving 2 days with kids, 4 cats and a dog, and then trying to fit all of our stuff in a smaller house.

Finally our office is set up and we are done with the first part of a job with a client so we can concentrate on our games. I have also decided to learn a bit of code since Unity is adding visual scripting and I want to be able to use it myself rather than depending on others to do all the code. I have learned that as great as visual scripting may be, if you do not understand what you need and why you need it then it does not work that well. So the non-programmers on the team are working together to learn some code. Not nearly as exciting as building worlds, but I am beginning to see some use for this code stuff. 🙂

In the meantime, I am building up our database of items for the game. I a lot of spreadsheets to build.  Adding all the objects, effects, etc., to the database is tedious but very important. Once we have that, we can actually start setting up our game. Level design is the fun part after all.

Now that we are settled I will post some more here and on the Unity forums.  The outside work with our client will take time but it will also help fund our project which is a big bonus. 🙂

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2 Responses to Big move and new client

  1. Dolnor says:

    Currently I am Alpha-testing an upcoming AAA game…have reported over 250 bugs. I enjoy tedious work and enjoy creating spreadsheets in detail. So if you need any help in that arena, you can contact me via your Skype group or via my email.

    Dolnor Numbwit
    P.s. Example of one of my spreadsheets I created for a game:


  2. teilasblog says:

    Wow, that is amazing!! Glad you are doing so well. I will remember you when we start testing.


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