More pictures of the terrain….

I have been playing with the terrain a bit more, getting ready to add roads.  The package I am using to build the roads was recently updated and I wanted that particular update before I started. It will make things much easier. 🙂

Anyway, I took some pictures, played with sun flares, and added a wheat field just to see how it looks. Thought I might share some pictures.

The wheat field..with a view of the hills beyond.


I played with sun flares, maybe a bit too enthusiastically but they are pretty!

ScreenShot1454 ScreenShot1453 ScreenShot1452

The forest, with ground cover and berry bushes. This will go with our foraging skill currently being prepared.


One thing that is lovely about handcrafted terrains is that I get to create little spots where nature’s beauty can be displayed. I love the twisted trees on this rocky hillside.

ScreenShot1443 ScreenShot1442

A lovely spot in the woods, long shadows, and blue skies.


Hope you enjoyed an afternoon in the woods…and wheat field. 🙂

I will post more as I build the roads/paths in the game so you can see the progress.


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