Lore and Stories….

Hi folks!

I am going to start building a great city.  But first, some important news.

We are going to be making some changes to the lore and to some of the backstories for the game.

The vast majority of LoA’s lore is based on lore written during the second stage of Adellion’s development, after the original creators left the project.  All of the lore developers working with us since that time have given us permission to use their work and their writings.

However, I have not had contact with the original creators and I don’t even know the names of some of them anymore.  So out of respect for them, we are going to make some lore changes.

The first change will be changes in names. Names will be chosen that more clearly match the ethnic feel of the cultures. Some of this was done long ago, but we will just continue what was started.

Caeruleon is the new name of our great city on the sea. It will be the focus of the first alpha testing with players.

I chose the name because Caer in the old languages of the Bloodlands, before the arrival of the newcomers, meant “strife, hardship, conflict” while the word  Leon meant “life”.  Therefore the name means “life from hardship” or a survivor.  I like that for the city…one that rose from the ashes of a great war and survived.  It goes well with the city’s symbol of a phoenix.

So…the best part!!

I will be creating Caeruleon  through it’s history, and publishing it here.  So through pictures, videos, and music, you will see the tribal settlements grow in the marshes and plains of the Bloodlands, be torn down by conflict and war…and then rise again as a beautiful shining city, an example to all that we can emerge from the chaos and thrive.

Or…we shall see when you move into Caeruleon and tell your stories…and create your conflicts, and your communities, and your future in the game.

Hope you enjoy the story of Caeruleon.

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