Farming Village and a peek at Character Creation.

I know I promised house building stages but I was distracted by fields this week so spent quite some time trying to figure out how to allow players to buy and place fields and grow crops that actually react to the wind.  Unity brushes won’t place on meshes and I really wanted the fields to be objects. This allows players control over where they will put them and how many they want, etc.  Also, I wanted to imitate the real ridge and furrow fields of medieval Europe. I will write a bit more about that in a later blog post.

I made a great start today and now my growing village sports a few fields and a few houses.  Hopefully we can add some sheep soon!  These are starter houses, although a few have optional add-ons. I am working on a slightly larger house with a wooden shingle roof.

ScreenShot1554 ScreenShot1553 ScreenShot1555

Dennis is continuing with the character creation. He has spent some time updating and cleaning up the code. Below is a ‘prototype’ of the character creation screen. I say prototype because it is not entirely filled in with all it’s parts yet…and no, I don’t mean the lady. 🙂 We do have to keep our PG rating, at least for now.

After you select the culture, you will see options such as hair style, skin tone and clothing at the bottom. Clicking on one of those will bring up choices, some unique to that culture. To the right, the panels will be expanded and you will find sliders you can manipulate to change height, weight, facial features, body part sizes, etc. Again, different choices will reflect slight differences between the cultures.

Character Creation2

Ryan has nothing to show us today but he is cleaning up his code in order to continue building skills and finishing the inventory. I have asked him to give me a few screenshots for the next update so hopefully soon!

Sorry this one was a little late but the houses took longer than expected.

Enjoy and please comment!


PS: The GUI artwork above is from Lamroot, on This is great place to find lots of artwork for prototyping. Make sure you read the licenses carefully and give proper credit to the author.  We have a purchased GUI product as well but I think Lamroot’s artwork is awesome. It is perfect for a “window” into a medieval home.


I did a little work on the fields and it looks a bit better. Wanderer had a great idea below in the comments so I will try that tomorrow.

Here is a new picture.


Of course, Unity crashed when I tried do too much and ran out of memory. I can’t wait for Unity 5 and that 64 bit editor! 🙂  Oh well, didn’t lose much, just need to put the parts back together. Fortunately, I save a lot.


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7 Responses to Farming Village and a peek at Character Creation.

  1. Alpha dog says:

    Character creation interface looks well proportioned, clean and appropriate for creating a character in a mostly wooden house. The terrain is beautiful as always, and the fields look good.
    The only thing I can think of to criticize is that (atleast from that screenshot and angle) the raised field beds shapes are too clearly standing out from the ground. I imagine it wouldn’t be an issue from a different angle and especially not from a distance but from that screenshot they almost look more like placed objects rather than a raised continuity of the land. That is you can see the outlines of their shape from that screenshot. Anyway, not to get sidetracked on a minor thing, it’s looking good, keep up the good work.


  2. teilasblog says:

    That is fine. The beds are prototypes made in a very short time. 🙂 The hard part is making the plants wave in the wind and that is where I spent my time. I do plan on working a little bit more on the “ridges” but I do want to keep it relatively low poly. I prefer to save the polys for the things that really are important, like characters, animals, mobs, and other items.

    That said, the fields are placed on the ground and we have two choices here. One is that we pre-make the fields, carefully blend the terrain around them and make them look like part of the terrain. The other is that we make them blend in the best we can but realize that they are still objects we are placing on the terrain. 🙂

    There will be stone fences around the fields so while that won’t stop them from looking like an object, it might not be so noticeable. I appreciate any and all suggestions on how to solve this issue so please, let me know.

    There is a third option too..that is to just use the terrain for the fields and have them pre-placed. Of course, this limits houses can be placed since one probably wants their house next to their field. This, of course, is the easiest of all for us to do and won’t require special attention to the plants. The first option I mentioned, will have the same restrictions. Blending in the objects with the terrain is possible but it will require vertex blending which is hand-painted. Players can’t do this so the fields would have to be pre-placed.

    Again, everyone should let me know your opinion on this. Constructive criticism is always welcome, especially if it comes with suggestions.

    Thank you, Alpha dog, for your post!



    • Wanderer says:

      You could use a large decal under the field. The decal could have a transparent background to blend in with the terrain but you could design the decal such that it would blend seamlessly with the farm land object. Then when a player creates farm place both a decal and a farm object.


      • teilasblog says:

        Wanderer, Thanks!

        That is an excellent idea. I will work on that tomorrow. I did get them a bit more blended and added normals which helped. I will add a picture to the above post. Welcome and thanks for the comment. I never thought about using a decal but it makes perfect sense.



  3. teilasblog says:

    I do have another option and will see how it works. I will post if it works. 🙂


  4. Tumaini says:

    I think that looks great!
    As a small-scale farmer myself, using raised beds, it looked very good, although I personally prefer narrow beds for ergonomic reasons.
    The character looks a little starved, but that might be normal in some rural areas, especially if the harvest didn’t go too well and especially if they wear no clothes! 😛


  5. teilasblog says:


    Yeah, I don’t care for that particular body texture. It is just a stand-in though. We have better ones by far. Programmers don’t care about that stuff though, do they? 🙂 He hasn’t put in the clothes yet although they are ready to go and already working on the client. The screenshot above is in the server so he needs to just move clothing and customization stuff there. He says it should be done this week so we will see!

    Thanks for the compliments on the fields. These are quite a bit larger than regular raised garden beds. The thought is they simulate ridge and furrows created by the medieval plows. It is hard to see with just four strips, but once the terrain has a checkerboard of fields, it should be apparent what I am trying to do, I hope at least.

    I appreciate your posts! Great to see you here again.



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