Herds and Flocks

Sorry about the delay in updates but I have been working on something and wanted to share it with you. However, we had delays due to issues that needed to be solved. Anyway, I am ready now.

We have added herds to our game. This means we can have herds or flocks of animals that actually choose a leader and follow that leader.  If the herd grows too large, the animals will break into numerous herds, each one with a leader.  With Ryan’s help, we have put together several herds and will be making some changes to the scripts to make the herds more interesting and to fix a few flaws way movements and animations work together. The original script is from a developer on the Unity asset store, Unluck and the system is perfect for our game. I think you will like the end results.

We also created a new YouTube page just so we could show you videos of a few small herds and flocks. They can get bigger but for testing and modification purposes we kept them small for this first round.  Again, they are not perfect yet and the models are mostly prototype models. I made a few notes in the video.

I also included another video which is just a walk around the area, with some nice views of the growing village. The fields will be blended into the terrain through scripting that will allow them to look as they they are attached to the terrain, even though they are not.  This same blending can be used to blend other natural objects such as rocks and cliffs.  With the release of Unity 5, expected next month or soon after, we will be able to replace our Unity trees  with Speed Trees, which will allow us to use more trees, have greater variety, with better performance. The new 64bit editor will be nice as well, increasing our memory footprint for the game.

Anyway, here are the videos. Please subscribe to the Youtube channel and post comments.  Thanks and hope you all enjoy.  Be sure to put them in HD before you watch them!

Herds and Flocks

Pastoral Beauty

Known issues: Can you spot the bloopers? If so, post them here!

There are number of known issues and I will address them in an addendum but I want to see what you can find. Consider it a game!


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9 Responses to Herds and Flocks

  1. ozmono says:

    It’s coming along really well. Look forward to seeing the improvements you are planning too. Considering that the trees and animals already look good in my book it’ll be interesting to see them improved even further.


  2. Dolnor says:

    Very nice Teila! Congratulations on your progression in building and fleshing-out the world! -)

    Your video skills are fine…no need to apologize. -)

    Keep up the great work!

    I’ve been “stuck” in ArcheAge (having fun, can you imagine it?! LOL). Here are my videos:


    Dolnor “Older but None The Wiser” Numbwit
    Eternal Testing Newbie


  3. teilasblog says:

    Oh, Bob, stuck in ArcheAge! You are the second friend who has ended up there. 🙂 Glad you are enjoying yourself and thanks so much for posting.


  4. Vaevienne says:

    Everything looks awesome Teila. I’m with Ozmono in saying that everything already looks wonderful, so I can’t imagine how much better it could possibly be.


    • teilasblog says:

      Thanks, Vaevienne! I am a bit of a perfectionist, which is not a good thing to be in game development, where perfect means you are endlessly toiling for only small improvements. I will try to control myself though so that this game actually gets done.




  5. Archaaz says:

    The world is really coming to life. It looks fantastic, and I love the notion of herds. It really adds to the overall atmosphere and immersion.


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