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Roleplaying in MMORPGs

Some musings…. A friend and member of our team sent me a link to a very interesting article about roleplaying on the Massively Overpowered website. The article is by Bree Royce and is entitled The Trouble with Roleplaying in MMORPGs.  … Continue reading

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Thanks for the feedback!

I heard from a number of people about the swamp video. Everyone liked it and a few had some great suggestions as well. The number one suggestion from almost everyone I talked to was that the grass was too long.  … Continue reading

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Your Banner Ideas!

After posting our artist’s banner, we decided it might be fun to ask people to post their own ideas for banners or even their own artwork. This is for fun and we won’t use your work without permission so go … Continue reading

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Musings….Girls in game development

Okay, this one is not about LoA or Adellion. It is about girls. Today, I was browsing the Unity forums as I usually do and I found this post: Yeah, Teila is me.  I believe I am the only … Continue reading

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