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Among the Ashes

Hello, Real life does seem to get in the way, doesn’t it?  Well, we have been working as much as possible in between all the drama life brings and we have some exciting new changes. If you are following our … Continue reading

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Player Shops

Ahh, the joy of owning your own shop! No more hawking on the street or throwing away good profits by renting a market stall! You have now come to the point in your profession where you can afford a shop!  … Continue reading

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A blooper and mini-games!

Hi everyone, I spent this evening looking through old Adellion art assets for some characters so I could actually place them in the world. I didn’t find very much but I did accidentally create a blooper…. I especially like the … Continue reading

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The joy of seeing your creations…

Edit: These screenshots are from an older version of the game. Please see the more recent pictures in later posts.   Today I sent a picture to one of our artists, a young man who is rather new to art … Continue reading

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I have wanted to create a blog for quite some time now but never really found the time to create one.  Lately though, I have felt as if I needed a place to just put down my thoughts and share … Continue reading

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